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welcome to Run Twenty One 

Eight weeks / One Hundred and Five people / Eight LMS staff / Eighteen Hundred kilometers on event day 

Are you ready to take on the challenge ?


Following your Programme


All the Run Twenty One Training programmes are run through our online platform.

How It work. 

Everyone has been assigned to a group depending on your level of fitness and what you are hoping to achieve in the eight weeks.   

On Sunday we will upload the following weeks training into your Calendar.

Throughout the week you can fill in each training workout once you have completed it. 

If you do something different, not to worry. You can also add this in too. 

The block will light up Green, Yellow or red. 

Green means you have completed the session.

Yellow means you have done part of the session.

(There will be a lot of Yellow, please don't worry about this as everyone is at different levels. it is worked out by the Duration we have put in and how close you get to that)  

Red means you missed the session...

All the numbers.

You will see there are a few different numbers. Don't worry about them all. The main thing you want to follow is what is in the description. Again everyone is different so please work to your ability.

For those of you that are a little more advance each workout has a detailed workout with IF and can be uploaded to your Garmin if you have the software. However your zones will need to be up to date. please get in touch if you want help with this.

If you have a Garmin with a Garmin Connect account click here to link it with your calendar. 

Injury prevention sessions.

We aim to have one IP (Injury Prevention) session each week. These are a mixture of different things. if you see a number next to an exercise you are able to see what that exercise is on our website. Go to Exercises under Run Twenty One.   


We aim to add some stretching in each week, you can either do your own stretches or follow ours under Exercises also. 

Please get in touch if you need help with anything to do with your Training Programme or working your Calendar. 


Train With the team 


Each week The LMS team are going to be joining you out there doing it.

Keep an eye out in your Training Calendar and on our Facebook Page to see where our Team is going to be each week. 

We will Run or Walk with you and help you through your planned Training. 

This is a great opportunity to meet others on the programme, motivate each other or have a chat to one of our coaches about your training. 





The workshops will be run on Wednesday nights  from 6pm at Hotel Coachman, Fitzherbert Ave, PN 

Dates:   5th April  /  19th April  /  3rd May  /  17th May 

Each workshop will cover a topic presentation with advice related to running, injury prevention and nutrition.

Every workshop has allocated time for discussion and Q and A. 

We will be sending out all the learning points and Notes from each workshop. 


Group training 

The group training will be on Sunday mornings at 8am.

Date:   9th April  /  23rd April  /  7th May  /  21st May 

Group training will help to keep you motivated as you will be allocated to a group with a similar fitness level. 

Furthermore you will meet new and like minded people and discover various runs and walks that Palmerston North has to other. 

Every group training will offer a different distance.