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Whether it be improving your time at Ironman or getting control of your health, Love My Sport can work with you to provide a customised programme to suit you and your lifestyle. We offer a free consultation to discuss your goals and give advice on what programme suits you best.



Employing a coach is the first step in ensuring you stay motivated, on track and learn how your body works to get the best out of it on any given day.

Our premium coaching gives you a partnership with an experienced coach to take you to that next level of achievement and success.


  • $100 set up fee and $195 per calendar month.

  • 12 week minimum coaching period.

  • Cost includes unlimited contact with your coach via email or telephone.

How it works

The programme set up covers a meeting with your coach and a questionnaire/lifestyle review. Athletes will then be taken though some baseline testing to find your training zones. From this data a Annual Training Plan and Athlete Profile is designed and your first training block is created.

Our Team Physio will also work with you and create your custom injury prevention programme.     She will help keep track of any muscle soreness and be only a phone call away if needed. 

The programmes are highly personalised to your current fitness and goals. We use TrainingPeaks to schedule and monitor all your training and as an athlete you will need a GPS and Heartrate watch to track and upload each session into your Training Peaks account.  From this we can track your fitness and fatigue and ensure you are at your peak for your event day.          

 (LMS has GPS and Heartrate watches for hire if you do not have one)


Athletes will also be taught skills on the following:

  • TrainingPeaks and how to use it. 

  • Training and racing with heartrate and/or power

  • Nutrition

  • Swim, Bike and Run Technique

  • Race Preparation

  • Race plan


For athletes that want a professional approach to training with state of the art software and an experienced coach always at the ready to guide them to success this is the programme for them. 


These programmes are for an athlete that understands a small amount about fitness and training needs but still wants a training programme to follow and reach that next step.


  • $100 setup and $20 per week of programme.


Programmes are created after an athlete/coach meeting and the completion of an athlete questionnaire/lifestyle review. Each programme is highly personalised to your current fitness and goals.

The programmes are given to you though TrainingPeaks from an experienced coach and a “How to use TrainingPeaks Guide” if required

Some baseline testing maybe needed before the programme can be finalised.

If additional coaching advice is required then it is charged out at a rate of $30 per half hour.


One on one coaching sessions to help with any specific improvements you are after.

$60 an hour

  • Run Technique

  • Bike set up

  • Swim Technique

  • Underwater Technique

  • Tumble Turns

  • Using swim gear

  • Dive Starts

  • Open Water swimming